Lean & Green International Summit 2023

Published on 30 November 2023

On November 29, 2023, K-tainer actively participated in the first meeting of the Lean&Green International Summit in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. This step marks an important moment in our ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible business practices.

A particularly relevant aspect of our participation in this event is awareness of the recent CSRD guidelines that from 2025 will require large companies to report on their sustainability efforts. In line with these new regulations, we are working intensively on mapping the environmental impact of our own processes. This allows us to accurately measure our sustainability performance and integrate this data into future CSRD reporting. By proactively meeting these requirements, we want to continue to serve our customers with high-quality, sustainable solutions.

As the unique container trader in the world, K-tainer has proudly achieved a Lean&Green star. This recognition underlines our commitment to sustainability and allows us to act as a sustainable partner, allowing us to actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in container transport. Our groundbreaking One-Way container program is an example of how we put this commitment into practice.

Moreover, we strive to make a difference on several fronts in the logistics chain by working as sustainably as possible. K-tainer is committed to positive change, not only within our own processes but also through partnerships and initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable future.

We are excited about the insights we gained from the Lean&Green International Summit and look forward to further intensifying our sustainability efforts. For more details on our sustainability initiatives and progress, please continue to monitor our website and do not hesitate to contact us.

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