CSTA London 2024

Published on 21 June 2024

K-tainer's Participation in the CSTA 2024 Conference

We are pleased to announce that Ronald Vrijenhoef, our Chief Commercial Officer at K-tainer, attended the CSTA 2024 conference and networking event. Organized by the Container Self-Storage Operators Traders Association (CSTA), this event took place on June 19 and 20 and offered valuable insights and networking opportunities within the container and shipping industries.

Key Topics and Insights

The conference began with a welcome reception on June 19, followed by a day of engaging presentations and discussions on June 20. Some of the key topics included:

- New and Used Containers: Market trends and developments.
- Shipping Market: The current state of the shipping industry and its impact on containers.
- Container Production: Outlook for 2023 and 2024.
- Supply and Pricing: Expectations for container availability and prices.
- UK Deliveries: Specific challenges and opportunities for container deliveries in the United Kingdom.
- Financing Options: Various presentations highlighted whether it is attractive to finance in the container industry.

A notable point was that major shipping lines closely monitor container prices and buy at the lowest point, often placing traders second and increasing production times. This affects how companies plan their logistics and strategies.

Networking and Collaboration

The conference provided an excellent opportunity to establish international contacts, exchange knowledge, and explore new collaboration possibilities. Small and medium-sized companies were particularly praised for their crucial role in driving the economy.

Tips for Self-Storage Locations

In addition to container industry insights, the conference also offered valuable tips and information for opening self-storage locations. Discussions included important aspects such as insurance and platform selection, providing essential insights for entrepreneurs in this sector.


Our participation in the CSTA 2024 conference was a great success. We learned a lot and look forward to applying these insights to further improve our services. We remain committed to providing high-quality container solutions and strengthening our position within the container industry.

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