We offer one-way transport.

Containers that would normally be transported empty are offered by us for free use to the destination. This not only results in significant cost savings but also greatly contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions from our transports. As a result, K-tainer is the only container company with a Lean & Green star!

Curious about our trading route?

K-tainer is aware of the need for sustainable transition and we can offer One-Way Transport as a service. Sustainability and responsibility towards people and the environment are important aspects of modern business operations.

Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSRD) has become part of business accountability and sustainability efforts. It involves measuring, reporting, and being accountable for a company's sustainability performance, including its impact on people and the environment.

By using one-way transport, the number of empty return trips and the associated CO2 emissions can be reduced.

Millions of containers are transported worldwide every year, with a significant percentage (40%) being empty. Due to large disparities between imports and exports of various countries, there is a surplus or shortage of containers. K-tainer offers its ONE-WAY cabotage containers for free transport to various European destinations.

This creates a win-win-win situation through sustainable practices, and One-Way Transport is an excellent way to combine business success with environmental and social benefits.

The Benefits of One-Way Container Transport.

Up to 30 days of free use

Reduce your rental costs and avoid detention and demurrage charges.

Quick pick-up

Much faster than at major container terminals, allowing the carrier to pick up or drop off containers more quickly.

Handling costs

Free on chassis, no handling costs.

No empty return

Exclusively ONE-WAY, resulting in CO2 reduction and improvement of your own footprint.

Environmentally friendly

Your goods are transported in the most environmentally friendly way in terms of containers.

K-tainer manages a platform for useful or interesting destinations. Request a new Ocean Freight rate from your shipping line, indicating the use of your own container instead of the shipping line's container, and there is a good chance of getting a better offer. It is important to note that the success of obtaining a better offer depends on various factors, including container availability, market competition, and negotiation skills. However, it can certainly be worth using your own container. Are you curious about our current trade routes? Feel free to ask us.

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