Machine room and office in one

KTI Cothen

We received a request from a customer asking if we could create a container that could serve as both a machine room and an office. Here is the result! The 40ftHC container is divided into two compartments by a partition wall and insulated with special sound-dampening panels. On-site, a large machine will be placed on the container. To support this, two H-profiles, each 12 meters long, are attached to the container.

The container is first coated with a layer of primer in the paint shop. Then it is painted in the desired RAL color.

Two H-profiles, each 12.0 m long, are attached to the container. A large machine will be placed on them on-site.

Two doors have been installed in the container. On the other side, multiple openings have been made to serve as air vents.

The interior of the container is lined with special sound-dampening panels.

Curious about the possibilities?

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

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