Innovation in sustainable energy storage

Safety and Reliability of Battery Storage

Innovation in battery storage is constantly evolving. Whether it's power current or the PSG37-2 standard for lithium storage, K-tainer is the right place for you. Recently, after an intensive process and in close collaboration with our partners, we delivered new storage containers suitable for power current. These containers meet the highest safety requirements and standards, providing a reliable solution for all your energy storage needs.

Custom Solutions

Upon special request from the customer, we looked at integrating cutouts directly from the factory through a blueprint. This approach saves costs and increases efficiency by saving time during production and installation.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is a crucial aspect of battery storage in containers. At K-tainer, we ensure that our containers meet the highest fire safety standards. They are designed to be fire resistant for 60 to 90 minutes, providing optimal safety in case of fire.

These fire-resistant properties are essential for protecting the batteries and minimizing the risk of fire spread. By meeting these strict standards, our containers offer a safe and reliable solution for various applications, from industrial locations to energy storage for renewable energy.

Applications of Battery Containers

Our battery containers are handy for various situations:

1. Industrial Use
- Perfect for factories and manufacturing companies that need reliable energy storage to handle peak loads.

2. Reusable Energy Storage
- Ideal for solar and wind farms to store excess energy for later use.

3. Emergency Power Supply
- Essential for hospitals and data centers that require continuous power, even during power outages.

4. Remote Areas
- Suitable for locations without access to the power grid, such as remote villages or construction sites.

5. Events and Festivals
- Handy for temporary events where a reliable power supply is needed.

6. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
- Supports charging stations by handling peaks in demand.

7. Microgrids
- Essential for local energy supply with renewable energy sources.

Our battery containers provide reliable energy storage for various needs.

Curious about the possibilities?

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.


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