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Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our services, products, and processes. We have created this page to help you quickly find the information you need. However, if you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us - we are happy to assist you!


What sizes of containers are available?

The basic sizes are 20ft and 40ft, but there are also containers with different sizes such as 8ft, 10ft, 30ft, and 45ft. The width and height also follow standard measurements. You can find an overview of all containers here.

What happens to old shipping containers?

When containers are taken out of service, they are often used for storage purposes. Container modification is also an option. We give the container a new life by transforming it into something new, such as a bar or office. If the container is too damaged, it will be recycled.

What is the value of a new container compared to a used container?

The value of a new container is generally higher when sold because its condition starts at a higher level. The condition is one of the factors that determine the price. Additionally, exchange rates (container sales are in dollars) and the global economy (i.e., the demand for containers) can influence the value at a given time. Therefore, a container may be worth less after 8 years compared to 10 years.

Can a container be modified?

Absolutely! Whether you want an eye-catching container bar, a new swimming pool, or even a complete new house, we can make it happen! Check out our container modification offerings here. There are two scenarios to consider: whether the container will still be used for international transportation or not. If it will be used, the container needs to be retested after modification to obtain the CSC certification again. If it will no longer be used for international transportation, more modifications are possible, and re-certification is not required.

How high can containers be stacked?

In shipping, containers can be stacked up to 9 units high. However, they are securely fastened and designed to distribute the forces evenly. Outside of shipping, it is advisable to stack containers up to a maximum height of 6 units. The strength of the stacking lies in the corners of the containers rather than on the corrugated roofs.

How long is a shipping container?

The length of a shipping container can vary. K-tainer offers containers in different sizes, ranging from 8ft to 45ft. You can find an overview of all containers here.

How big is a shipping container?

Shipping containers are generally considered "big." However, containers come in various sizes, so there is no standard size for a shipping container. The dimensions of a container are typically expressed in feet (ft). You can find the available container sizes from K-tainer on the containers page.

Do I need a CSC for my container?

If you intend to use the container for transportation purposes, a CSC (Container Safety Convention) certification is required. You can obtain a copy of the CSC certificate when needed. For used containers, this certification is valid for 12 months, while for new containers, it is valid for 5 years. For storage purposes, a CSC certification is not necessary.

How wide is a shipping container?

Similar to the length of a shipping container, the width can vary for different containers. You can find an overview of all containers here.

Can K-tainer repurchase my container?

Certainly! Please feel free to contact us via email and provide us with photos. We would also like to know the location and condition of the container(s). Is the truck with crane access possible?

Can I choose a color for a used container?

You can indicate your color preference, but we cannot guarantee a specific color.

Does K-tainer sell used 10ft containers?

Used 10ft containers are less common because they are not typically used for ocean freight due to their smaller size. However, we can often offer them as new or ex-rental containers.

What is CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive)?

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) has become part of corporate accountability and sustainability efforts. It involves measuring, reporting, and being accountable for a company's sustainability performance, including its impact on people and the environment.

Hoeveel Europallets passen er in een Container

Het aantal pallets dat in een standaard zeecontainer past, kan variëren afhankelijk van het type container en de grootte van de pallets. Over het algemeen passen er echter meestal twee soorten pallets in een standaard 20-voet container en vier soorten pallets in een standaard 40-voet container.

20-voet container: Meestal passen er ongeveer 10 tot 11 Europallets (120 cm x 80 cm) in een 20-voet container. Voor Amerikaanse pallets (48 inch x 40 inch) passen er meestal 8 tot 9 in.

40-voet container: In een 40-voet container passen doorgaans ongeveer 20 tot 21 Europallets en 17 tot 18 Amerikaanse pallets.

Het is belangrijk op te merken dat dit slechts een ruwe schatting is, en de exacte capaciteit kan variëren op basis van de specifieke afmetingen van de pallets en de configuratie van de lading. Het is altijd aan te bevelen om de specificaties van de container en de pallets te raadplegen en eventueel een professionele ladingplanner te raadplegen om de meest efficiënte manier te bepalen om uw goederen in een container te laden.

Hierbij een directe link voor alle type containers ; Container Maten

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